Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesdays suck the most.

Soooooo Noah & the Whale were the shizz. Even Benji agreed and he is normally very critical of bands when we see them live, we are gig buddies so i know. Mostly he was just jealous of their guitar skills i think. They did a really good mix of their current stuff, new exclusives and covers.

Very excited for America & the world. Let's hope change really is coming. i want to believe that it is.

The fireworks rocked. i was most impressed with the never before seen shooting star ones. It actually looked like fairy dust in the sky. Matt almost bailed. i told him he sucked. Then he moaned at me for talking through the firework display. Mwah ha! This is our way.

Bridget made us the most yummy curry evvvvver! She & her hubs used to own a restaurant in London and they are the most amazing cooks. Her home is filled with stuff she made. She upholstered their arm chairs, made a dresser unit and they even built the extension together! She is so inspiring!

Hit the shops on a Saturday for the last time before xmas. i'm almost done with the shopping, and am going to get the rest on-line because there's no way i'm facing the crowds again.

Hot Rod. Round three. Still makes me cry with laughter.

Saw W

i'm working on an Art Journal for the first time ever after siging up for Ashley Wren's Evidence class. i am loving it. Here's a page from last night. It wasn't inspired by the class. But me having an Art journal at all is a result of doing the class.

Insomia often kicks in when i have a lot on my mind. So i am found making stuff. i'm rocking the canvases at the moment. Me + tired = grumpy. Not a happy bunny today. Tuesdays suck the most anyway (it's the craziest day at work). The absence of TC has sent me into a misery. Plus crazy hormones don't help the situation.

Hmmm ok i think that's all i want to share for now.

May your week be filled with happiness.


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