Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Crafts

i will try and do a non-crafty post soon to keep you up to date with my goings on (plus give my opinion on the Twilight film), but i wanted to share some of the stuff i've been making recently. Next year i plan to make a lot more home made decorations (if i can start early enough!) and all my own wrapping paper, pom poms and possibly cards!

Firtsly, i saw this which led me to her (surely THE Queen of homemade decs?!) which inspired me to make these wreaths:

This one is a great way of using up all your scraps of paper, i used two different size plates to cut out the circle base for the wreath from cardboard.


i've also made my own gift tags this year, from scraps of card. i stamped and embossed the design and punched a hole through the top, then cliped off the top corners to make a tag shape. i did some in green and some in gold.

And here's a fun stamp i use on the back, incase anyone gets tempted to open their presents before the big day :)

Here is one example of some gift bags i made, they are really simple to add a few touches to, but makes gist giving so much more personal. i actually made a few other designs which were more complex, but i prefer the more basic ones. i collected a load of bags during the summer from the sandwhich shop near work and have been hoarding them for this very purpose.

There are a few more photos here. All the stuff i've used i already had in my stash, and i've recycled a lot of cardboard boxes too (i do a most of my shopping on-line).

i am feeling very Christmassy after wrapping my presents this afternoon. i've handmade a few of my gifts this year, but i can't share them on here yet or they won't be a surprise!

i think in the next few days i will watch The Holiday and Love Actually. Elf is my favourite Christmas film & i've already watched it a few times in the last few weeks, i watch it all year round anyway because it makes me laugh so much!

i have a selection of Christmas hats & have been wearing them at work all week, this one is my mums. It's my favourite & it makes people smile.

i am soooo excited to be spending Christmas at home this year!

k, i have to go as i'm making dinner for some friends tonight. happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

ooooh i like the look of the presents and the gift tags and bags! u r getting me all excited!!! and since when have u had red glasses? very festive! 'I'm driving home for christmas' (in 2 days!) 4 sleeps to go til santa comes! xxx

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