Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bo'mo etc.

Had a lovely trip in Bournemouth, as always. Love spending time with my sis, hate having to say goodbye. We got stuck in traffic on the way so it took as twice as long to get there as it should have! So this is what 2 hours of our day looked like yesterday:

We had rain, hail, snow, the lot!

Keane were sooooo the awesome, even if we did show up to the gig just as they were starting! Quite gutted i missed their support Frankmusik. Note to self: show up to gigs early. It was round no5 for me seeing Keane live & i still had the best time. There's always such a happy atmosphere at their gigs.

We went to the most well stocked fancy dress shop ever today, it was on two floors, so huge! i was in my elelment, managed to get the last few bits for my next fancy dress do. i love planning my costumes! Plus there was the standard trips to Zara, Lush (where we managed to score ourselves some free facemask!), Shake-away, Borders & the local scrapbook shop. We were quite upset that the sushi place was closed though!

Really, really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. i really needed this break & it's allowed me to edge closer to my normal self. My time off hasn't been totally uniterupted though, i did get a phone call at 9.30 yesterday!!! i am still annoyed about it!

These songs are currently ruling my world:

*The Sun always shines on TV. A-ha
*Spaceman. The Killers How insane does Brandon Flowers look in this vid?!?! Infact that video almost ruins the song for me, it's so bad. BF looks quite unimpressed by it all!

How cute is the new owl line from Paperchase? i want everything!

And the new Harajuku Girl's Perfume's. They smelly yummy too!

And this Tee! Wish it was on my back! Give me the tee!

i have to confess something....yes i have joined the world of television viewing! You just fell off your chair right?! ha! Goes a little something like this:

Sundays: Shipwrecked & Being Human
Mondays: 90210
Wednesday: Gossip Girl
Thursdays: Skins

Lucky for me they're all repeated a few times a week so hopefully i'll be able to keep up, or i'll have to give up my social life! It's only week 3 but i've managed to keep good on it so far!


Kim Smith said...

skins skins skins!
i'm so disappointed this season! the main guy is a right chav! but i do love effy, she's lovely. i miss sid. did you watch the previous seasons?

Does It Offend You Yeah- i saw them last year as well, at the Carling in Bristol, where did you see 'em?

um- that paperchase journal is reallllyyyy nice.
happy snowday!

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