Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Crazy!

For us to get snow in the south of England is rare, but for it to lay is even rarer. It's 9pm now and it's still settled! It snowed all afternoon! It's the most snow we've had in 18 years! So the whole country has pretty much some to a standstill. We just can't cope with it, it's a joke!

i woke about 10am this morning and couldn't believe the view out of the window.
Yea that's my car! Luckily i'd already booked some time off of work so i just stayed in all day & dvd'd it up. So at dinnertime, you can imagine my surprise when i saw a television reporter on the local news reporting from my place of work!! Ha ha! i bet things were crazy there today. So glad i wasn't in!


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