Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bangs R Us

Yes. i got a fringe. & i loooove it! So far i have managed to train it to sit just right but i'm sure when i next shampoo & blowdry it will be a different story.

Good stuffs:
MSN chats with far away friends.
Marley & me. So sad but lovely!
My limited edition cover Twilight DVD
A 4 day weekend to look forward to! i plan to: tidy, make stuff, watch films, make a filter for my polaroid camera & chillax.
Dinner with Gareth tomorrow
Doctors & Nurses fancy dress at Chaos Saturday night
Buying vintage sunglassses on e-bay. i'm starting a collection!
Looking forward to making Bubble Tea. After reading about it on Elsie's blog i have wanted to try some for a while & someone is getting some supplies for me :)
Waiting for Kim's Kit to arrive

i'm about to take a bath & read Empire! i've not had much time for baths lately & have missed them so! They are my favourite indulgence.


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