Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Japan:

I effing miss yoooooooooou!!!

Japan is the most inspiring place i've ever been (although Barcelona comes in a close second). You can not begin to understand it's awesomeness unless you have been there. It's is so unique & out of this world.

Their fashion sense is so polished, yet there don't seem to be any rules! The Harajuku girls are amazing. And the traditional Kimono is so beautiful.

They have the most beautiful fabrics:

Photos by Karaku

Cuuuute stationary:

And the food of course:

Photo: Needlenoodles

These colourful vending machines are evvverywhere!!

i was a little overwhelmed by Japanese food at first but now i love it! It's so hard to find it here in the UK though.

Lately i've been totally addicted to sushi. It's been costing me a fortune so i'm considering buying the stuff to make my own. Have just bought myself a cook book so i can learn the basics. Of course this means i'll need a Bento Box too. Although most of my searches come up with cute kid designs along the the lines of Hello Kitty (not very me) or are too grown up (boring). i need something inbetween. like this:

Ohhhhhh i long to go back. Every day i think about it.


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