Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bean juice

i have been sooo rubbish about sharing lately, i really should be doing it more often, i will try harder. Here's a few scrappies i made last night using Kim's Powpapers Line (lovely lovely). Travel is on my mind constantly. i am still so full of this trip one year later, it still feels so fresh. i miss the adventures. When i look through my pictures, i feel the same excitement & i can't believe i had these experiences.

In this one i'm on the Death Railway in Thailand. i'd travelled down from Chaing Mai to Bangkok on a night train a day before this picture was taken & on the day of this trip i think i got up around 5am. Hence the HUGE bags under my eyes. Travel is not all glam, let me tell you (and not glam at all if you're backpacking) there are a lot of long journeys & early mornings. It's still worth it though!

These pages are about the decision to go travelling on my own. When i first decided i was going to go, i had a friend who wanted to come with me. When he decided he wanted to go and live it up in the Big Smoke rather then go travelling, there was no question of me not going. i would just go it alone, it made sense to me. i have always been independant. i could do it my way & that was a bonus to me. Nearer the time to my leaving, when i started to tell people i was going on a trip round Asia & Australasia the first thing they said was 'who are you going with?'. My response 'Errr no one, i'm going on my own' usually received the reaction of an opened mouth gawp. (Um hello people, we are living in the 21st Century, we girlies readily do these things now). It never felt like a big deal-e-o for me to be embarking on this adventure & i was never nervous about it. Looking back though i can see why people might have thought i was a little crazy (the word brave was used often, but i can't see myself as that) to have gone off travelling on my own. However, i was only ever alone if i wanted to be (which i often did), there are soooo many people out there just waiting to be your friend! All i can say is GO DO IT!

Anyway, i digress... So you may have noticed a bit of a change in my scrappy style in the past year-ish. i've been gradually moving away from traditional scrapbooking products and using more everyday stuff. i think i'm going to have a purge of my stash this weekend, i need to reduce so i'm not so overwhelmed by choice.

i've been experimenting with type a bit lately, in one of my many journals. Here's a little looksie. i'm working on a mini book, but i think it will take a while to develop.

Oh and Benguin got featured on The Cover Story. Loveeeeee! We are so proud of him, he's only been learning to play the guitar for a year. Benji please can you do a video of Blackbird song for me next :)


Kim Smith said...

that looks so cool!!!

aw. traveling really is in the air! all my friends are thinking of doing a 3 week train journey!

Kim Smith said...

p.s. i totally have a flickr group!



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