Friday, May 15, 2009

May Mayhem

Turns out if i don't blog for a while, i get moaned at by more then a few people. i apologise for my poor blogging etiquette, but May so far has been very very busy in the world of Le Gill. It goes a little something like this:

i love you, man. Laughed the whole way through! They don't give away all the good bits in the trailer!
Girls night out, which somehow ended up being a mixed sex night out.
Hotel booked for Toronto! Eeeeep!
A 30th Birthday celebration.
RVA package.
Milkshakes @ Shorties (and the longest walk evvvver to get there!)
X-Men marathon.
A random evening out with a late night stop at the traditional sweet shop. Yes there is one in Albert Road which opens at 11:30pm.
Drama Lama.
Pranks at work. My favourite one of late was when Mark wrapped up Paul's cereals in newspaper and the cellotaped the box up. hee hee.
Another night out featuring the homing beacons.
New green bedsheets. More growney uppey.
Arguments about facebook.
Boys breaking hearts.
My first 3D film (much excitement for this new era in cinema!) p.s. does anyone else think that the 3D glasses are pretty cool?
Muffin attack!
The Office - an American Workplace, consuming my late nights.
Constantly writing e-mails.
A Scrapbook from my mum. Not just any old scrapbook, a green one! She is always buying us presents. Loooooveeeeee her!
Boys. Boys. Boys. Boys. Boys.
Online chats with far away friends.
Getting excited together about our tattoo appointments!
Hardcore gym sessions (ouchies) minus the Lazyboy. Miss him So muchly.
Starting to feel inspired again...
Marvelling at the fact i get thanked for going to the cinema now.
The least suckiest hospital visit ever. Love you CWN.
Peep Show obsession.
Feeling like a learner driver again whilst driving someone elses car.
Writing lists on average of 4 times a day.
Too much to do.
Ghosts of girlfriends past. As to be expected: pretty blah.
Still wearing slips & turning the heater under my desk at work on. Body thermostat broken? Me thinks so.
After much deliberation i finally decided to go Unlimited.
Sending secret mail.
Brain = full

Love yoooooou! Thanks so much for reading & sticking with me when i don't bother to post! i will endeavour to blog more regularly and hopefully i'll have a few projects to share soon so this corner of the cyberworld starts to look a bit more crafty again.


Unknown said...

what sweet shop opens in Albert Road at 11.30pm?
sounds yummy, sounds like it needs a visit methinks...

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