Sunday, May 17, 2009

Magical Music

My friend Chris is making music again! Yayness! i love his music, his lyrics are sooo romantic & he's got a unique voice. Anywho, he's got himself a band & is starting to do gigs again so along we went to see him last night. He was great & we had a fun time. Check him out, i promise you will love him! And i'm not just saying that because i know him!

Chris was supporting Teitur, who i now have a little crush on...

Not only is his music looooooovely & inspiring, but he is super entertaining. He took the time to chat to the audience, explaining the songs and doing a little bit of stand up comedy. ha ha! In honour of Eurovision he also finished a couple of the songs in Eurovision style (cha-cha-cha). And he has the craziest accent i have ever heard! Plus he was wearing All Stars! If he is playing anywhere near you (last night was the first of his UK tour) then I would highly recommend you go! He is by far one of the best live acts i have EVER seen & i've seen a lot of live music!

Other then that i've mostly just been scrapbooking this weekend! & it's been making me happppppy! i haven't had much love for it of late, but the love is back! i will share some this week.


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