Sunday, April 19, 2009

Doilie Love

i've been taking the on-line class held by Elsie & Rachel & have been extemely lame at actually keeping up with the projects. In it there were several ideas on things to do with doilies. A couple of weeks ago i found a treasure trove of vintage doilies in a charity shop & here's what i've done:

i picked this vest up in Tesco for £3.50

And as per the class i added doilie 'wings'.

And a large one to the front.

i found this dress in a charity shop & bought it for £5.99. i am sooo lucky it's the perfect fit. And it has pockets!! i love things with pockets. i'm pretty sure it dates around the 1980's.

i added part of a large doilie to the neck & added vintage buttons.

i toyed with the idea of shortening the length, but i am not a fan of my legs anyway so decided to keep the length.

i sewed all these on by hand, it can take some time but it's something that can be done infront of the tv. i am really rather pleased with myself!

i had a very productive shopping trip yesterday (thanks she who must not be named for help with the bags). A Heroes 2 marathon. Sewing sewing sewing (finding very theraputic). Making lots of brooches (pictures tomorrow). & drinking coke floats. Right now i have soooo many things i want to make, but i'm super tired. i'm hoping my energy levels will rise this week as i'm going back to the gym. i haven't scrapbooked just for fun in a while & i miss it.

i am looking forward to sunshine this week. Oh yes it's going to be a good one.

Most photos taken by Michaela (+ by me + Memaw).


Kara said...

Ohhh, the doilies are stinkin' cute!

Kim Smith said...

these are so amazing! wonderful job on the buttons too!

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