Thursday, April 02, 2009

Happy Mail!

It's an OMGosh day!

A HUGE package arrived from the states from my amazing friend Dianne. Oooooo i love this girl even more then ever!.

Here's a picture of the contents.

i am SO excited about the girl scout cookies, after having seen them on TV shows like Friends.

There was some amazing scrappy yummyness in the form of the passport line from Making Memories. So perfect for me!
And something for my sister, if she promises to share :)

Included in the package was a hand written note, i treasure stuff like this in the digital age we live in. Especially as Dianne took the trouble to write in 8 different coloured pens! She has awesome handwriting too.

Thank-you girl!!

Got to dash as due for dinner at Annabannana's.


Michaela said...

Dianne is amazing!!! That is so sweet to write a letter in diff colours too!! xxx

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