Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hello April.

i can't believe you are here already.

Life is SO crazy crazy right now & i am LOVING the sunshine.

Monday, Dickie & Garth (as we like to call them) came over for some Mexican, which turned into madness when i couldn't get on any of the sites to book my Reading tickets. Dickie decided he would microwave the tacos himself & almost burnt the house down! They were literally black! Ha ha! He will never live it down.

After the Reading ticket fiasco, we decided we prefered the line-up for V anyway, so have now booked tickets for that!! So SO excited!!

Last night i saw The Knowing & we were both in agreement that it was an ok film until they bodged the ending.

i am in a lot of pain right now with my shoulder but i still forced myself to go to the gym. i probably should be resting it but i don't want to get out of the habit of going as i've been doing so good.

Note to self: avoid Vicki on April Fools Day from now on. Yes, i was got a goodun'.

There's a new challenge blog about town. The Spark. Check it out on Friday when the first challenge is up!

In other news:
i am pretty sure my eye sight is going.
i am frequently having pregnancy dreams and it is scaring me.
i can't wait to get my hair cut.
My room is probably the messiest it's ever been.
On Friday night i plan to dance until my feet can't take it any more.

i promise a more creative post soon!


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