Monday, May 18, 2009


There's a challenge over at The Spark this month about feet. You may have noticed my tendancy to take pictures of my feet, so this is the perfect challenge for me. There's a little collection of my pictures over here.

i think it's kind of cool to capture things from a different perspective sometimes & it can tell a lot about your surroundings or the itme of year, for example the autumn leaves or the Japanese charaters on the Tokyo underground.

Anywho, the prompt led me to thinking that i haven't scrapbooked my first tattoo yet, or any of them infact. i will probably make a mini book on them explaining the meaning of each one & where i had them done, when i am eventually finished collecting them. But for starters here's the story of my first ink:

The title is handcut and i made the buttons. i am really enjoying playing around with non scrapbooky items lately. In this picture it looks really dark as it was taken just after i'd had it done, it doesn't look like that anymore! However it's quite difficult to take a decent shot of it myself as i'm not that flexible!

And as we're on the theme of feet, here's a page i did some time ago about an experience i had in New Zealand. i posted the page before, the story came from an old blog post. It seriously made me so happy to feel the grass & pick the daisies.

And here's another one, just to prove i do scrapbook these random pictures of my feet. ha ha!

Hop over to The Spark to see what the other fabby ladies came up with :)

Oh and i'd like to point out (because yes, i've had comments about it) that i am not naked in the picture on the below post, i had a strapless dress on people!


Kara said...

oh, oh! these are so great! i LOVE feet pictures. they make me happy.

need to scrap 'em now.

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