Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello World

i have a new hair colour. What do you think?

And a new vintage polaroid camera courtesy of my sister :) i love that it's got 'super swinger' on the front. tee hee.

i am muchly excited to finally see the trailer for The Lovely Bones.

There are sooo many movies coming out this year that i am really excited about.
My favourite book evvvvvver The Time Travelers Wife has been made into a film & is released Friday. i am going prepared to cry throughout most of the movie & i have high hopes for it to be beautiful and amazing. i have previously owned 3 copies of this book and haven't managed to keep hold of any of them.

i've been listing more things on e-bay tonight. So boring yet necessary.

And i've been listening to tunes in preparation for V next week. (EEeek!!) How we are going to decide who to see i just don't know.

i'm almost finished my dark chocolate m&m's :(

Oh and i have a mini to share. Last year for my birthday everyone had to wear hats, much photo taking and hat swapping ensued. You can see the whole album here.


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