Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OAP's beware!

i was most delighted when Caketin discovered a new craft shop right next to our cinema (yes it is OUR cinema!). i was even more delighted to find that they sell oddles of buttons, japanese fabrics and hard to find things (in the uk)like Hambly!! However, i was *super* good and only spent a mere £12.27p! And i already used some hambly.

Thinking a lot, a lot, a lot, about the kind of person that i want to be and not want to be. And trying to move forward. It's not so easy, let me tell you. Also i seem to have a few anger issues of late which is somewhat troublesome.

TTW was awesome btw. It was just as i wanted to be. Near perfect. Although i did have to ask an old couple off for talking through the movie! This is a pet hate of mine & i have never actually asked anyone to be quiet before, but they were clearly hard of hearing as they were practically shouting & felt it necessary to comment/state the obvious on every little thing that happened. i wasn't about to have TTW ruined for me!! She who must not be named thought it tres ironic that i should be telling off some OAP's for unsocial behaviour!


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