Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Reads in February

We're nearing the end of the month now so i thought i ought to post my Good Reads for February! Eeeep! i can't believe we're almost in April already!

i mentioned that i started reading The Host at the end of last month and i finished it after about 11 days. It's set on earth after an alien invasion. The alien souls are inserted into humans and erase them so that they can use their body's as hosts. The book is told from the perspective of 'wanderer' who is inserted into the body of Melanie, who refuses to surrender her mind easily. i struggled to get into it until around the 200 page mark and only really started to mildly care about the characters towards the end. There was no need for this book to be as long as it is (around 600 pages), it was far too laborious for me and i think if it has been shorter i might have enjoyed it more. The ending was kind of a set up for a sequel, but i'm not sure if Stephenie Meyer has plans to write one or not. In all honesty i wouldn't be that excited about reading it, but i probably would because i'm a curious kind of person and i like to know the whole story. There were some interesting parts, i enjoyed reading the descriptions of life on other planets, but it lacked the excitement and romance of the Twilight novels. So, overall this book was ok, not amazing, and i wouldn't bother to read it again. Also, the front cover creeped me out!

Next up was I Am Number Four, the movie is out right now but i haven't had the chance to see it yet. It's about an alien from a planet which gets destroyed by another alien race He among 9 other children flee with their guardian's. The book starts where who's  i enjoyed the book, it's not as pacey as a lot of other young adult fiction but the characters are likeable and i think it's going to be a good series and is set up well for the next book.

One Day. Two Uni graduates meet on their graduation night and the book follows them on that day for 20 years. This is another book that's being released as a move this year and i LOVE the actors who are playing the leads. Three of my girlfriends raved about the book and so i was expecting a lot, which is probably why i didn't end up enjoying it as much as i thought i might. i did enjoy it, but i think i had high hopes after all the hype and it just didn't live up to them. i never really warmed to the characters or have any sympathy for them so the book was a bit lost on me.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your analysis on the first two books for sure and you need to go see the movie on the second - first time I think the movie might just be better than the book and I really love the whole story idea on that one.

Mandie said...

i read the host way back when... it was good. very twilight-y but with aliens. lol.

Mandy said...

I haven't read the Host yet have put it off because I didn't think i would get into it like i did Twilight.

kamagra said...

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