Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adventures in disguising purple

i should warn you now, i am in a Harry Potter layout making frenzy at the moment. When i first went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in April i was mindful of showing too many pictures of it so as not to spoil it for my online friends who hadn't yet been. i was also feeling overwhelmed at how many pictures i had from the day. i went with four friends and so i have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos and i had no idea how i was going to tackle them. A mini book would have been the practical way to go but whilst i enjoy looking through my minis i don't enjoy the process of making them. And i really wanted to have fun with these photos. i've decided to just go ahead and make full layouts and i've already bought an album to house them in. So be prepared to see lots of Harry Potter related layouts here in the near future.

i'm taking a class at BPC at the moment called Kit-Tastic (which is awesome by the way) with the aim of busting some of my stash. i put together a kit using the pre-class materials with Harry Potter & Halloween layouts in mind.

This particular layout features lot's of the props that displayed at the tour, which are on purple velvet. i HATE purple, and I did not want purple in my colour scheme. I don't even think I own anything in my stash that is purple. I thought the bright green would work well as the deluminator and Rita Skeeter's quick quill are that colour.

It's very unusual for me to have a dark background, but as i'm aiming to bust some stash and i've had that piece of paper for about a year it was going to get used. i thought it would be pretty funny to mix the mini doilies with a skull.


Sian said...

As a fellow purple- refusnik I love the direction you have taken this in! It's funny, I can wear purple (though that's a recent development), but I can't scrapbook with it..

Great layout with a great subject. I'd love to go on the tour..

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