Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cake Fail

Back in March i was SO excited to make my sister a special birthday cake. i wanted to do one of those awesome cakes that has the sprinkles in the batter so that it looks all pretty when you cut into it, like this one.  Somehow mine didn't turn out as planned and you couldn't see the sprinkles at all. i'm not even sure what went wrong, maybe the jimmies i used weren't bright enough? Anyway it was still a delicious cake & a story worth scrapbooking.

i wanted to use the birthday vintage flash cards from Elles Studio to support my story but the 'cake' card wasn't in a colour that matched my other supplies. Instead of discarding the idea i used my craft knife to cut out the lettering and backed a patterned paper behind it. i actually ended up really liking the look. Love altering my supplies to make them work for me!


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