Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh, i have a blog.

i kind of dropped off the blogosphere for a while there didn't i? Life got a little busy around October time in 2012 and and i thought it best to let the blog go for a bit whilst i was moving and changing job roles. And for one reason or another i never got back into it. For a while i felt like my time was better spent creating pages than sharing them. But in truth i have missed the sharing aspect of this hobby and having a place to voice my views on certain topics (i even drafted several posts last year, but never felt like i wanted to commit to any of them).  So, the ole blog has never been too far from my mind and lately i've felt it tugging me back. A few people have mentioned to me lately, both online and in real life that they 'used to read my blog' and it made me a little regretful that i hadn't kept the blog up. i think it's unlikely that anyone is still reading this given that google reader is no more, so i figured i'd just start blogging for me again. i've still been scrapbooking and sharing on instagram (my account is private but if you send a request i'll approve you) so there's plenty to post about. Oh, the adventures i've had in the last nearly 2 years! Some of the pages i'll share will be recently made, whilst others i may have created up to 2 years ago. 

This was created using the Cocoa Daisy April 2013 kit. Still one of my all time faves. 

The above layout came about because the mundane aspects of life are not well represented in my albums and i thought they deserved a page of their own. So often i scrapbook about an event or a trip i took, but the layouts that i really enjoy looking back on the most are the ones about my everyday life. What i'm into, what i'm feeling. They are the most interesting to reflect on because life moves really quickly and stuff changes. And the majority of my time is spent meal planning, ironing and all that other boring stuff that makes up our lives. It's all part of my story!

If you read this, thanks!


ForgedinPaper said...

It was lovely to see your post pop up in my blogger feed. I love the Polaroid pictures.

elsielarkin said...

Really you blogging again, but you're so right you should be doing for yourself not because you fell pressured, looking forward to hearing about things, and a few layout shares

blupixy said...

Love this layout! Love the colors and the polaroid frames!

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