Saturday, April 21, 2007

Been catching up with some of the Pencil Lines Sketches & playing with some bits from this month's Scrap-Room kit. The first one is designed by Paula Sealey and the second one by scrapbook goddess Kristina Contes, she has just uploaded some seriously droolworthy work to her blog so go check it out. My layout for her sketch didn't turn out as planned, it's a bit crazy & random and the embellishments don't really go, but it's done now.

i was naughty today & placed an order with Artbase. i haven't placed an order on-line for a long time, so i decided i was allowed. i really wanted some of the new Autum Leaves French Twist line but then i kept finding other stuff i liked too & then i remembered i needed basics like adheisve & brads & page protectors & it escalated. oops!

Nic's news yesterday was good, we just have to keep waiting. We went out last night for dinner to celebrate, went somewhere new & different, it was all good.

i discovered something today which shouldn't have upset me, but did. i realised i haven't moved on as much as i thought i had.
Tomorrow is a big day. Michaela & Tom are back from NY & Brad is arriving from Jo'berg. They arrive an hour after Brad so Mum & Lloyd can pick them all up at the same time. Brad is one of Lloyd's brothers. It is always good to have Brad here, but unfortunately it is never under good circumstances. Let me explain for those of you who don't already know. Lloyd has Lukaemia. When he was diagnosed, we were told that his best chance to beat it was if one of his siblings were a bone marrow match. He has a big family, some live in South Africa, one brother in Australia & one here. Luckily Brad was a match & he came over to do the bone marrow transplant about 4 and a half years ago. Lloyd's body didn't take to the marrow very well & he is still imuno surpressed. So every now and again he has to have a top up of Brad's stem cells. Brad has already donated these before, but they've run out, so he's here to donate some more. i cannot express how grateful we are to him for everything he's done. This time he's here for 6 weeks (he's been saving up his holiday). It's going to be weird having another person in the house for so long, but it will be cool too. So excited about tomorrow!


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