Thursday, April 19, 2007

* 1 year & 1 day birthday *

So i forgot to post on my blogs 1 year anniversary. oops! Anyway we shall still celebrate. i do enjoy blogging, its a good place to store little snippets of my everyday life. It's wierd to look back at my posts a year ago & see where i was then. i've gone from cohabiting with serious boyfriend, living in Essex, working in a job i hate and not having a clue what i'm doing or where i'm going, to single, living back with Mum in Portsmouth, working in a job i don't like that much, but which has potential, & having a goal but still not sure what i'm going to do after that's been achieved. i think i will always be meandering through life waiting to see what happens next. i've been moving around my whole life. When i was 3 we lived in Rome for a couple of months & when i was 5 we moved to Canada for 2 years. Since then i've lived in Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Essex & Greece. During my childhood we travelled loads. i have vague memories like when i left my beloved Care Bear in our hotel room in Hong Kong and only realised when we were in the taxi to the aiport & my mum had to go back for it & when we were all sat in the car in underwear after getting completely drenched in Florida and making my dad really mad when i got us lost on the dolmus in Turkey and when i was on a French exchange trip in France & i got the worse nose bleed ever (i used to get these bad as a teenager). Luckily the father of the family that i was staying with was a nurse. Because i was so young when we did the majority of our travelling, i don't really remember the places or the culture, i only remember some of the crazy experiences, which has given me a desire to travel to these places all over again. i can't imagine ever not wanting to go travelling and i really can't understand people who have no desire to travel at all. Just don't get it. After living in Greece for 6 months i did feel as though i wanted to stay in the UK for a while, i had missed my home comforts, but that didn't last too long. i have constant itchy feet. To be honest i think i will always be a wanderer & will always find it hard to settle. it's in my bones.

Anyway, tomorrow is big scary news day for Nicky noo. i hate these days, my stomach is all tied in knots & i can't concentrate on anything till i've heard from her. i have faith that she'll have good news, but after all the rubbish i've been through sometimes i can't help using the defence mechanism of expecting the worse. Because she thinks that i'm always pouting in photos (not sure where she got that idea from) i thought i'd post this. So at least if it is bad news (which it won't be) then she will have something to laught about. Good vibes.


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