Monday, April 16, 2007

i made something...

This is Crackers. She is 13 years old, which is fairly old for a cat. i'm worried that she might leave us soon because of her age, but she is super fit & healthy so hopefully she'll be around for quite a bit longer. She takes really good care of herself, look at them cute little white tootsies, you would never see a speck or dirt on them because she keeps herself squeaky clean. She is very independent and does as she pleases, only cuddles when she wants to, sleeps all day and lurks the streets all night. No other cats dare come into our garden, and if they do dare they don't stay long. She is a catcher of birds and frogs and sloworms. But in a niceway, she leaves them as presents for us. i don't like the sloworms tho, they resemble snakes too much. i freak out if she catches them. Recently she has become interested in the grey quirrel that is hiding his nuts in our garden but she is too scared of him to jump him.

i love her so much i could squish her. If ever i am really upset she comes to find me and gives me a lick on the nose and a look that says don't be sad, don't worry, it'll be alright, stop being silly. Really really. Also she can open doors herself and she talks to me. She has several different miaows. The most common one is the 'feed me now' miaow. By now you are thinking that i am crazy, but honestly my cat does have a personality.
My Scrap Room kit arrived today, so i mostly used stuff from that. Apologies, my scanner has chopped off some of the edges of ths page.
My Crumpler bag didn't sell on e-bay. i think it's a sign. i will keep it a bit longer.
Got some hopeful news at work today, all will be revealed when i get the green light.


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