Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hey hey hey!

Sorry about the lack of non-crafty posts lately, but my focus has shifted onto other things & i find i can only channel my energy into one thing at a time. Pretty much. And i haven't really had time to do any scrapping anyway.

My sister is NY for a week & i am green with envy as i've been desperate to go ever since Friends aired in the UK way back in the 90's. However, she has promised to bring me back some crocs, which eases the pain a little.

i am full of cold which is making me feel bleuch!

Had a dvd, pizza & cake night last night with the girls.

Did overtime at work yesterday. It's preety rare to get given the opportunity to do overtime so i jumped at the chance, trying to make money however i can (within reason!). i feel guilty if i even think about spending money at the moment, which just goes to show how focused i am.

Nan & Grandad came round today for out first barbie of the season. My ma is pretty obsessed with BBQ's so this year i decided to take a picture of every barbie we have & then scrap them at the end of the summer.

i have been reading, researching, making notes & reading some more. It is very tiring. Oh & watching the entire first two discs of 24. Love it!

On tonight's episode of One Tree Hill Brooke had a scrapbook. How cool! Just goes to show how big the industry is in the US, i mean you wouldn't catch Sonja on Eastenders with a scrapbook would you!?

During my research i came accross this website. It's a global art project in which anyone is invited to stick a yellow arrow on an obscure attraction & then text the description to the central database. Check it out & then think about you would stick your yellow sticker.


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