Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Festival Stuff

Annoyingly i am still unable to get my festival pictures processed, because the other supermarket locally to me which has photo processing facilities has run out of photopaper!!! i'm never not taking my canon baby with me anywhere again. Seriously regretting not taking it now. Disposable cameras suck! In the meantime, here's one Nic took during Keane's set (LOVE them!) you can just about see Tom in the screen to my left and one i 'borrowed' from NME where no photo credit was given:
i forgot to mention in my last post how good Paolo Nutini was, his live performance is very different to his recordings (and better), and how rock n' roll Wolfmother are, how much i enjoyed Groove Armada's set, how i randomly bumped into everyone i knew who was going to the festival, how there was a common theme of men dressed as women, how the weekend was fuelled by nachos, vodka & orange, and sudafed and how i am now becoming increasingly obsessive about Muse. i will probably go on about this weekend for the rest of my life.


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