Thursday, June 07, 2007


Had to say ta ra to my Katty B tonight as she is embarking on a new adventure. We're not likely to live in the same town ever again (or anywhere remotely near each other for that matter) but we'll still see each other, she ain't getting rid of me that easily! Just a few of the reasons why i love this girl:

* She makes me text her to let her know i've got home ok

* When i'm ill she gives me drugs to make me better (shes a pharmacologist)

* When she gets in my car she says it's like being home

* She get my sense of humour & sillyness

* We can talk about anything

* She doesn't mind me taking pictures of her

* She encourages my creativity

* She sends me random text messages

* She introduced me to Facebook

* She checks my blog regularly, sometimes several times a day, just to see if it's been updated, even if she's been spending time with me and knows it hasn't been.
Love u long time girl. x

i'm off to the festival in 7 hours time so will not post again till next week. Whilst i'm gone here's some new music to check out:


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