Friday, November 23, 2007

Kangaroo Island & Adelaide

It's been a busy week this week. i managed to sleep on my flight over but i then regreted it after my legs swelled up because i wasn't doing my leg exercises! i'm all back to normal now tho so don't worry!

There's not all that much to do in Adelaide, but most of the stuff that there is to do is free, so it gets a thumbs up for that at least! There's even 2 free buses which loop the city which makes getting around easy, although my hostel is in a really good location so i can walk most places. So on Monday i went to the South Australian Museum & also took a guided tour at the Art gallery, saw some really cool aborignal art which was really inspiring. Also chilled out at the Botanical Gardens.

On Tuesday i set off for Kangaroo Island. There is loads of wildlife on the island which can't be found on the mainland. i saw Kangaroos, wallabies, echinda, New Zealand fur seals, Sealions, Koalas, Little Penguins & a horrible Lizardy thing! We stayed in Eco huts so i had to check the loo for spiders everytime i went to the toilet & had to check my swag every night before bed to make sure nothing was already in there! eek! Did some other cool stuff like Bush Walks, sand surfing at Little Sahara & visited the Remarkable Rocks, which were pretty impressive!

So after a few packed days i've just been chilling out today, doing boring stuff like washing and fun stuff like shopping. i only bought a t-shirt though and it cost me less then 6 quid! My minimal packing idea seemed good at the time, but i'm really struggling to get everything washed every few days so am picking up a few extra bits in the next couple of weeks. Also went To Gelelg on the tram which only cost $2!! It was really nice there, just sat on the beach for a while & watched all the locals. It's surreal being in Oz, the people are just like we stereotype them!! It's all 'G'day mate, how's it going?' 'Far Out!' and 'No Worries'. Ha ha! They are really chilled & friendly.

i'm being careful in the sun, wear my factor 50 try and stay covered up and wear my sun hat, my freckles are out in full force though!

The food is more expensive then i thought it would be, but there's a huge variety of foods which is great, including loads of new chocolate bars to sample!! he he

i've just uploaded more photos so check em out, although i seem to have some spots on my lens, which i need to get sorted quick sharp!


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