Friday, November 16, 2007


Is amazing!! i love it here soooooooo much. There are a mix of places to go, some really hectic and others chilled. Its a place where they read books back to front, dress their toy dogs in clothes, take their shoes off inside homes and traditional restaurants, where music plays to let you know that a train is departing, where buildings are floors and floors high, where there are Buddahs and temples, skyscrapers and Neon lights on every corner.

The people are really sweet, polite & helpful. The place is really clean but the transport system is quite confusing for non-japanese speakers! There are three different metro lines. On my first day i went to the Senso-ji temple which is pretty amazing, really like it there. Lots of good photo ops.

Wednesday i went to the Edo-Tokyo museum and was lucky enough to get an english speaking guide, who explained loads about the Edo period. It was really interesting. Also went to Akihabara, the Electic City which is full of electronics shops. The phones here are huge because the technology is so advanced, they have TVs on most of the phones. We had Sushi from one of the restaurants which have the revolving converyor belt. i was only brave enought to try some cooked prawns and sone crab stuf, no raw fish for me! im finding using chopsticks quite hard but im slowly getting there! i tried seeing the grounds of the Imperial Palace, but they were closed. i went up the Tokyo Tower though, which had amazing views of the city. i had Katsu-kare for dinner, which i wasnt that keen on. Visited Shinjuku which looks cool at night, lit up with the neon lights!

Thursday i went to Kamakura, which is about an hour out of Tokyo and took 3 trains and a bus to get to, but totally worth thr journey! i saw the Daibutsu, the giant Buddah which is in all the guide books. It is HUGE! Also went to theHase-Dera temple which was beautiful. In the evening i went to a traditional Okonomi yaki restaurant with some people from the Hostel and a few japanese people. It was cool! The restaurant had so much character and it was nice to go somewhere traditional, the food was really good, its my favourite japanese food so far. we also went to a karaoke place, where you rent a room and get free drinks. It was crazy! i never realised how bad at singing i was until i went to this place!

Today i went to a traditional garden called Happoen where i saw two brides! One was in traditional kimono which was beautiful and another in a wedding dress more similar to our traditional style. i was lucky to see them! i went to Rappingi Hills which is full of Skyscrappers and Shops. We saw a pet shop which had puppies and kittens in the window, they were so tiny, too young to be away from their mums but they were sooooooooooooo cute!

Tonight i went to Shibuya to see the famous Pedestian crossing, it was crazy! So many people it was unreal.

Its taking forever to upload photos, i will get around to putting the others up on Flickr soon!There are some on there though, just click the link on the right, sorry i cant figure out how to get them on here, the keyboard and comuter is mostly in japanese!

Having a brilliant time, will be sorry to leave Japan but excited about Australia!


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