Friday, July 03, 2009

Canada Journal

This morning on my way to work i had my ipod on shuffle (i do this once in a while to remind myself of some of the gems on there that i tend to forget about) and Julie Fowlis' version of Blackbird came on. So it was going to be a good day.

i finally got the last few picture printed for my Canada journal today & finished it up tonight!

Let me tell you a little bit about the evoloution of this journal. It was a bit of an experiment to see if i could actually commit to the project while i was travelling & i have to say i was pleased with my efforts, i even printed a lot of photos while i was away. All there was left to do when i got home was add a few more photos, a bit of journalling, some stitching & the binding (i sooo want to do a course in book-binding someday).

i decided on my colour theme & chose all the papers before i left, made my cover, & added a few odd bits to a few of the pages, like ring reinforcers. i also journalled my first page to document my thoughts anticipating the trip. i collected lots of stuff while i was on my trip & strangely (& very fortunately) nearly everything matched my colour scheme! i am a hoarder by nature & always collect brochures/tickets/maps etc while i am travelling, i just never usually do anything with them. The only things i took with me were scissors, adheisive, masking tape & two pens. i knew i did'nt want embellishments in there as it would just bulk it out, so i kept things very simple.

i am really pleased with how this turned out! & i plan to work on similar projects for future trips. This is the way forward! i think it's a great way to incorporate 'stuff' from your trip & capture your exerience in the moment. It is no work of art, it isn't pretty, it has pages sticking out of the edges and my untidy handwriting all over it, but it is a true refelction of my experience and that is all that matters to me when i look through it. You can see the completed album here. i am loving Kim's Travel Journal Class (even though i can only stop by every few days)& wishing i could take another trip NOW!

In other crafty news i am still in mini book mode & am itching to get back to my Favourite Things album. Themed mini's seem to be the way to go for me at the moment. Elise did a lovely post on mini's this week, she is surely the queen of the mini book, go take a look!

Last night we went to Bournemouth to surprise my sister in celebration of her 2:1 in Marketing. The look on her face when we showed up was priceless! We are so proud of her & all the hard work she has put in!!

Lately i am itching to buy non-fiction books, craving poutine, missing Benguin, feeling like i WILL heal some day, very thirsty all the time, loving all songs with a revenge theme, have sunglasses permanently stuck to my head & looking forward to what summer will bring.

i have lots planned for tomorrow including lunch at our favourite local spot with my family, a wardrobe reshuffle & giving my car a make-over!!


Vivianna said...

you journal looks GREAT!

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