Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The episode in which it not only rains but pours.

So after a very difficult few weeks, things got worse. i had to go to the emergency room on Sunday & was put on a drip. WHICH FREAKED ME OUT! i got diagnosed with Gastroenteritis which is very sucky, let me assure you. i am on antibiotics for a week and was told to rest for a few days, but i went back to work today. i have never been so ill in my life! But now feeling much better and so grateful for my mum, she really got me through the whole experience. Nothing can touch a mothers love.

This is me today. Rocking the pigtails (the only way to survive this unusually muggy heat we've been having surely?). And i am stepping in the direction of being myself again. Hurrah!

Looking forward to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It is sure to be a visual delight! i just want to cover my walls with Black & White Alice in Wonderland images right now.

Wishing i had a copy of the latest Special Edition of Jackie.

Looking forward to this class.

Planning summer adventures.

Oh and i watched Into the Wild the other day, it's almost as beautiful as the book.


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