Monday, July 13, 2009


On Saturday i watched a documentary on Annie Leibovitz & was left inspired for the whole weekend. You will probably know her photographs even if you've never heard of her.

i am in full Harry Potter mode. i've re-read #6, re-watched films 4 & 5 and all the behind the scenes/premier programmes that have been on tv. i am SO excited for the film on Wednesday. i'm preparing myself for it to be scary.

Saturday night was birthday celebrations for Benguin, the theme was moustaches & aviators. There was a definate lack of effort on the moustaches, just a few half-hearted attemps from the boys to grow their own but i must salute Andy for his laughter inducing wig. i made my own moustache on a stick, totally stealing the idea from these guys.

i've been painting, sewing & even scrapbooking (!), but i'm not ready to share yet. However, Ms. Kara's class has started so i will show you my journal & first page.

i hope your week is sunshiney!


Jane said...

I'm taking Kara's class along with you - so was having a snoop at your blog :)

LOVE your Canada album!!! I'm in Alberta - just outside of Edmonton - we moved over from the UK 7 years ago. I was laughing out loud about some of your pages - the page on breakfasts and your Tim Hortons bag :) I know those are the things all our visitors form back home always appreciate :)

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