Thursday, July 30, 2009

i ...

*have a crush on

*and a girl crush on

*am strangely in love with A-ha's music (new + old)

*have ridculously short bangs right now
*have had a tantrum of teenage proportions this week
*am really looking forward to a weekend away full of love and laughter
*would like to know who Bernie Luggagebag is
*am gutted that i've nearly watched all episodes of The Office currently available in the UK (season 4 isn't even out on dvd yet)
*am still impatiently waiting for my True Blood books to show up!
*got a lovely package of vintage papers yesterday
*took a trip to Blockbuster this week
*am spending lots of creative time in my car (more on that later)
*should probably be wearing my glasses right now
*need to re-paint my nails (they're chipped)
*am going to try and take lots of pictures this weekend
*can't believe July is nearly over!
*want to plan another art trip
*can't decide what to pack


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