Thursday, August 06, 2009

i kind of have a thing about painted doors, i got super excited when i found this down the road, it kind of freaked my friend out i think. i forget people don't think the same way as i do & get happy about this kind of thing. i realised about a week ago that i have always felt different to everyone else. i wonder if other people feel the same too & we're all just wandering about thinking no one will ever understand us.

My life isn't too exciting right now, it's mostly full of watching films, eating pasta, taking my vitamins, craving coco pops, reading my Southern Vampire books, getting annoyed with my fringe, having crazy dreams, hating life one minute & thinking it's rather cool the next.

i actually have a ton of crafty things to show you but i need nice weather to take pictures in... We have had a really sucky summer again this year, i'm holding out for another beautiful autumn.


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