Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Miss & more

Hello Loves,

i wanted to introduce you to my lovely friend Miss. She has just started a blog so please stop by and say hi, there are lots of pretty things to see. i cannot tell you how excited i am that my friends in the real world are now part of the blogosphere!

Anyways, recently she posted about mix tapes so i thought i'd share some of my favourite tunes at the moment.

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So far this week has been fuuuun! i had to do site audits at work on Monday with Curly Wurly Nose and we had lots of gossip to catch up on, it was refreshing to get out of the office. Last night we went to a Pub Quiz which consisted of a music round which was played on the kazoo, a picture round where the celebrities were hand drawn by the quiz master & a true or false round based on the quiz master's opinion on certain things, plus a couple of other equally random rounds. It was silly but we laughed a lot & managed to come second (technically). i think it will become a permenant fixture on our social calendar.

True Blood is on tonight. i am in half a mind to give up on this series, because i love the books SO much & i don't like what they are doing with some of the characters or some of the crazy story lines that don't exist in the books. i am hoping that i will like the series more when Eric & Pam feature more though so i am sticking with it for now. And wishing they would hurry up and release book 9 on paperback, gah!


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