Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Accident

This page has been in the works for over a month now. This usually isn't my scrapping method. i just like to get the story told and be done with it, i don't fret too much over placement of things or worrying that i don't have the perfect product. But lately i've tried a different tact of starting off a page & if i'm not happy, coming back to it a few days letter with a fresh look & it seems to be working out well for me. With this one i started off with the paint splats and had to wait for that to dry. i had the photo and paper ready cut to stick down but then i ran out of adheisive. That was around Christmas! So now i am stocked up on herma i started to stick everything down, but after adding the brad and the gems there was still something missing. She Who Must Not Be Named recently bought me some Hambly back from the US (it is SO hard to find here!) and i knew the Camera rub-ons would work well with this page. But then i was trying to figure out the placement of the large camera and it got stuck to the page, so there it had to stay! Then i needed to balance out the layout so i cut out another rub-on and it got stuck again! i managed to scrape some of it off but lost some of the rub-on in the process so i ended up cutting it up and placed it next to the photo. i'm actually pretty pleased with how it looks. i love happy accidents!

Tomorrow is Mum's birthday & i have a fun surprise for her, i am so excited! Then we are out for Thai in the evening. My favourite! i hope you enjoy your weekend whatever you are up to!


Vee said...

awesome page, have an awesome weekend! xo

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