Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scrapbook Shares on Sunday

i am really bad at sharing my scrapbook pages. i made loads last year which went straight into my albums without being shared with the online community. So in order to try and share my work with you more often i am introducing a weekly feature on the blog called 'Scrapbook Shares on Sunday'. Which basically does what it says it will. And you are going to have to hold me to it!

For New Years Eve this year we saw The Bog Rolling Stones & The Silver Beatles, & dressed up 60's style. i wish i could dress like a 60's housewife allll the time! The 60's is my favourite decade & i really wish i had been around to see it! i am fascinated with the music, fashion & decor of the era. On Friday i took a trip up to London with some friends to see the Beatles to Bowie Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Photo's from the 60's inspire me so!

For lunch we ate at Ed's Diner, their milkshakes are the best!
As you can see, this weekend i have been playing with the mist's i was talking about, i am getting a tad obsessed, they look so pretty! Because i don't like to embellish my pages too much it is fun to find something extra to add.


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