Friday, January 12, 2007

i have been a very bad blogger, but i just haven't felt like it ok! Anna Bannana told me off today for not posting in a while so i felt obliged to write something for her, seeing as she has to work tomorrow... We are having to work weekends at the mo due to the Boat Show which is pants-o-rama! Seriously, last week felt like it was about 2 weeks long! Anyway i have to work Sunday so in order not to waste my precious day off tomorrow i have made plans to go shopping in the am with Nic, because i am desperate to visit paperchase for some inspiration. i spent last Saturday with her too, plodding round asda waiting for our photos to be developed from the night before (none of which are scrapworthy) and then watching Tristan & Isolde which i thought would make me cry, but didn't. Then i spent the evening with Katie, Darren & Richard it was so fun hanging out with them! Richard & i were talking about his travels which got me really buzzing. i was also talking to another old friend last week about his RTW trip and he opened my eyes to another couple of possibilities... Sunday we went to see one of Lloyd's band at Chicago's, he is in 3 at the moment! It's something that makes him really happy, and i think my mum quite enjoys being one of his groupies too!

i have not been creating much lately, no scrapbook pages so far, lots of ideas tho... Tuesday we went to a button evening at my mum's friends, we were supposed to be making button necklaces but the lady who knew how to make them couldn't come. Everyone decided that i would be able to figure out how to do it & handed me the instructions to do a demo! It wasn't as difficult as i thought, but i ran out of wire so only got about half a necklace done, i will definately make another though, they are so cool.

Here's some stuff that i'm watching, reading & listening to right now:

Ugly Betty

The Devil Wears Prada (haven't seen the film yet)

Thirteen Senses

Plus, Desperate Housewives is back & the second series of Prison Break starts soon, can't wait!!!

Thanks for making me blog Anna, i've missed it. x


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