Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ok, super excited because i just found out that Josh Pyke (the guy i was harping on about last time) is playing in Southampton next month! So i bought 2 tickets. Not that i have anyone to go with mind, but i'm sure at least one of you will want to go with me :) Love music that give me goosebumps! Do not like rip off merchants that sell gig tickets for £5 a piece and then whack on £7.75 in postage charges & 'service' charges! What is with that?

Also super excited because:

i got to eat a proper dinner with Mum & Lloyd tonight. And got to actually talk to them beyond discussing how my day was.

i'm not working tonight or tomorrow.

i'm not wearing work clothes /restaurant uniform.

Have you noticed that working all the time is making me appreciate the small things?

In other news:

Brad is back tomorrow, he has been visiting friends in Hertfordshire.

i have been really missing the internet lately, catching up with e-mails & searching the net aimlessly.

My feet are very cold. But they look pretty because Michaela painted my toes at the weekend.

June is going to be the best month. i have plans for at least one of each of the following: trip abroad, festival, gig. But we are only half way through May and there's lots more excitement to happen this month!

For those of you who i haven't had much time for lately. i know i'm a bit AWOL at the moment. i'm sorry. i miss you too. Please appreciate i am being pulled in all kinds of directions at the moment. My spare time is very limited. But i am thinking of you all the time. And no matter how crazy my life is or where i am in the world in relation to you, please know i am there for you. No matter what.


Anonymous said...

Glad you like your feet! Mine need doing, think i'll have a pampering session the night before my exam, need relaxing!! Better go and do some more revision xxx

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