Monday, November 03, 2008

Cool Beans

Mine and Anna's favourite film at the moment. We've only watched it twice so far but i know it's going to be one of those films we quote at each other constantly. We love these crazy comedies SO much.

Yesterday we took a walk around the castle and randomly came accross a family walking their pet Racoon. Probably highly illegal, but i can't be sure. This is one of the craziest most random and fabulous thing to have ever occured. It had a cream and pink wooly jumper on and everything. For reals.

Halloween was the best ever. And Benji dressed up as a penguin. People kept coming up to him and saying 'you're a penguin'. He was oh so very tired of it by the end of the night. He hee. Good effort all round on the costumes.

i have a busy week this week. Noah & the Whale gig tonight. Wednesday is Fireworks (weather dependent). i love Bonfire night! Thursday is Curry with the Winchester Crew. Looking forward to seeing them a lot!

i am hoping i will not be doing much in the month of November as things have been a little too busy lately. i have been missing my creative time a lot. i have a few on-line classes coming up and i still haven't taken most of my current photos for this. So that is my main project for the weekend.

i am very excited for Vicki to be moving to our office tomorrow! We have been waiting for this day to come for months! i decorated her desk with home made paper chains and paper dolls. Can't wait for her to see them in the morning!

Have a good week


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

very much loving that little pick of you behind the camera!! :)
and what an awesome Elsie project...FUN!!

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