Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There's so many potentials in my life right now... things that could potentially happen.... i am so excited about what is to come & yet totally content with how my life is now.




Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christmas, Superheroes & Supervillains...

Monday i finally got my first new phone in 3 whole years.!! After much debate i went with the Nokia 6220. And i've been sooo impressed with the camera quality. And the fact i can access the internet on it blows my mind. Still trying to get my head round the new fangled technology...

Wednesday was Batman. Super happy with it.

Thursday i attended something for work, the launch of the Christmas menu at the local hotel we regularly use. It was ridiculously random. There was a snow machine, crackers, turkey roast for dinner, weigh the Christmas pudding competition, waiters dressed as snowmen and a full on Christmas disco!! Totally mad crazy fun.

Last night was a friend's 21st celebration, the theme was Superheroes & Supervillians. We love fancy dress!!! i went as Poison Ivy & made my own costume with real ivy from our front garden. Inevitably it kept falling off & i was leaving a little trail of ivy everywhere i went. It took 4 shampoos to get the red dye out of my hair!! It was the best of times.

My first dare in a very looong time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My life for the last 2 weeks

Obsessivly watching Prison Break 3

Eating out 4 times (and the diet temporarily being put on hold)

Being comissioned for my art. i have been comissioned for photo shoots and scrapbooks before but never my art, so this was bewildering and exciting and challenging and i'm not sure i'll do it again because it was well scary. And ya, obviously i realise i didn't write this quote so it's not totally all my art.

Shipwrecked final

Saying good-bye to Paul

Mexican food & Chaos for Ben's birthday

3 films watched at the cinema: Hancock, Kung Fu Panda, Prince Caspian

Planning 2 fancy dress costumes

Happy Mail from Amazon, Studio Calico and Miss Contes.

Reading this and this

Wearing my free Danny Wallace T-shirt

Makey makey. Round up of 07.

Seeing Elliot Minor & The Days

Shopping with Nic

Being the most excited ever to discover Sukie Labels in Waterstones after lusting over them for months.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Got her scrap back!!

We lost Crackers yesterday. And although i knew her long life (15 years old, we had her since she was a kitten) was coming to an end, the sense of loss was still overwhelming.

But other then that it's been quite a nice weekend. Scrapping to MGMT & Vampire Weekend. i whacked out 4 pages & 3 paintings. DVD night and walk with Anna, long overdue chat with Katie & lunch with she with the secret name (that hasn't been decided up on yet).

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Radioing in...

i bought my first single in years this week. i don't do singles, i only buy albums. But Does it Offend you Yeah? had a sweet deal with 3 different formats and a cool japanese signed poster for £4 so i could'nt resist, cos i effing love them and i effing love japanese stuff too.

i'm worried about what's going to happen to the music industry with so many people stealing tunes. It's been bothering me lately.

Digging this dude a lot.

Really in love with this right now cos it reminds me of sweet Cassie.

Can't get this song out of my head:

Sunday morning was spent hunting for the missing pants.

Saw this with Monsieur Maylum yesterday, but was more excited about seeing the trailer for this:

Crackers is still really really ill, and it makes my heart hurt to look at her in such a state.

i lost another 2 1/2 lbs this week, which totals 7 1/2 in 3 weeks!! Which means i get a shakeaway tomorrow. It's my prize for getting to the half stone mark. i am finding it difficult without chocolate milkshake in my daily life, but luckily Yazoo is relatively low fat, so i can have one occasionally.

Still haven't decided on which new phone to get.

And if you want to go to a free gig with me then sign up here. Some work will be required of course.

Go on, say Yes more!

Radioing out...