Sunday, September 27, 2009

10 things i loooove right now

1) Smoothies for kids. Katty will be please about this one, she likes to keep a check on my intake of fruit & veg. i am a fussy bugger. Hate orange juice with 'bits' in and the like. These are yummo. This flavour is my favourite:

And for all those kniters out there check out The Big Knit that Innocent are running. i managed to find a crochet pattern too, so i might have a go! i can't wait til the behatted smoothies are instores. Check out the Christmas patterns:

And this one designed by Russell Brand. Ha ha!

2)True Blood books/Southern Vampire Series/Sookie Stackhouse Books. Or whatever you want to call them. i am obsessed. i've read 7 of the books in a row and am making myself taking a rest because i am almost starting to believe that i am actually living in a supernatural world. i am SO excited for the show to start here (7th of October people, Channel 4!!). From the trailer i've seen it looks like they are going to merge the books though so i'm not sure what to expect. Eric is my favourite and i'm worried about who's going to play him because i don't want to spoil the image in my head!

3) These boys.

There's been a huge hype about them lately & it's fuelled my obsession. i am longing for the back catalogue & would even consider getting a wii so i could play The Beatles Rockband! The BBC did a Beatle week and i love watching the footage of them from the 60's. i've decided Ringo is my favourite, he's just so funny. i reallllly want to take a trip to Liverpool & do all the cheesy tourist stuff.

4) Cardigans with pockets. They are so much cuter then cardigans without pockets, no?

5)Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons. i've had it on repeat all week. One of my favourites of the year i think. So beautiful! i am really excited about this band. Also i think it might have been written for one of my friends in particular. You silly boy! - That is all i have to say on the matter.

6) Fancy dress. i seem to get invited to a fair amount of fancy dress parties & i always make my own costumes. i love everything about it, the planning and seeing what everyone else does, and you always get chatting to random strangers. i was recently invited to one which had no theme so of course i decided to do Spongebob Squarepants. i mean who doesn't love him, right? Anyway i had a vision & without meaning to sound my own trumpet i really think i outdid myself this time. i'm not any good at painting or drawing, never have been, but i spent quite a bit of time trying to get this just right. All i had was a cardboard box & i painted it all by freehand. It was a bit of a pickle getting up and down stairs and into taxis etc but was sooo worth the hassel! People loved it! i got a huge amount of attention, many compliments and had to pose for lots and lots of pictures. It felt like i was a minor celebrity for the night, it was a really nice experience.

7) Disposable Cameras. i am really loving that you can just point and click, no faffing about. And the anticipation of waiting for a roll of film to be developed is really exciting. Can't wait to see all those memories. You may remember this post about the camera that i let out into the world to be played with. Well it's been found by a couple of people in London. Check it out!

8) The Art Mobile. Aka: my car. A while ago i realised that i was going to either run this baby into the ground or trade it in under the new scrappage scheme. So i thought i'd have some fun with it while i could. Most of the dashboard and the arms on the doors are coverd in vinyl stickers, plus some other places.

Stickers from Red Velvet Art and TastySuite.

i've been doodling on the cieling for a few months now, just when inspiration strikes really. It's about half done. Obviously this is just a sneek, to be honest the photos can't do the magic of my car any justice :) it has to be seen to be believed! i spend quite a bit of time in it so it's nice to make it special.

9) The X Factor. Completely hooked this year, there are so many great contenders, it's going to be a toughie. i already have a few favourites. Plus i just love Cheryl Cole. i usually can't keep up with tv programmes, but they repeat this so many times i manage to!

10) My new bag. From Inklore.

Image from their site. i really want the yarn keep too, so yummy!


Michaela said...

Brilliant Blog! I'm so happy that your camera is being used! Will be interesting to see what photos are on it! I LOVE your fancy dress costume, you got it down to a tea! Bravo! And you are are right the photos of your car does not do it justice, look forward to seeing what else you've added.

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